The Little Flower High School Old Students Association is pleased to announce the annual reunion i.e. REMINISCENCES 2012 for the alumni of Little Flower High School on 8th of January, 2012 from 3 pm to 8 pm. The reunion with the kind permission of the Principal of LFHS Rev. Bro.Vincent Mendonza will be held in the school premises. The programme will commence at 3 pm with the registration of the members. The one time registration fee being Rs.500 and the annual subscription fee being Rs.500. The alumni who have previously paid the registration fee are requested to pay the annual subscription.

The main programme shall begin after the completion of the registration and payment of subscription by the alumni of various batches. The first session will be held in the auditorium. This consists of the welcome address by the Gen. Secretary of LIFLOS, school song by the school choir budget presentation by the Treasurer of LIFLOS. The alumni will also witness the various activities carried out by LIFLOS over the year through an audio visual presentation.

This session will be followed by the cultural programme which is intended to be held in the school grounds. Look forward to the fusion of classical and contemporary music, group dances, rock band performance, songs and acts by the alumni of LFHS. There will also be various interactive programmes like "Ask your teacher" and "Tell your most memorable incident of school life". There shall be an open stage for all the alumni who wish to showcase their talent. The programme shall near it's conclusion with sumptuous snacks and the DJ playing to the enthusiastic crowd who wish to show their dance moves on stage. The highlight of the evening shall be the "Senior Alumni (1958 to 1988) versus the Junior Alumni (1989 to 2011) Basketball Match".

Kindly consider this as a personal invitation. Your presence will motivate us to support the cause of LIFLOS and give us the required impetus.

Gopi Krishna Pidatala
President, LIFLOS

The alumni who wish to perform at Reminiscences 2012 are requested to contact
Dr. Mohammed Arifuzaman +91 9959636795
Mr. Abdul Majeed +91 9703944007
Miss Nikita Jain +91 9676987330

For further details, contact the school office at 040-23202675

The students of the institution have contributed to society in their various positions as responsible citizens. Several of them are eminent in their
field of work. The following are a few of them Dr. Eugene Mascarenhas -Cardiologist (USA) Mr. Kenneth Gnanaken -Director, ACTS Ministries Dr. Ajit Vigg -Pulmonologist Mr. Arvind Chenji -Leading Photographer Dr. Ravinder Mallick -Dentist Mr. Balakrishna -Actor Mr. V.V.S. Laxman -Cricketer,Arjuna Awardee. Mr. Arshad Ayub -Cricketer Mr. Raymond Peter -I.A.S. Mr. Anirudh Vijay Kumar -Sailor